TEXIA is a family-run textile group founded in Barcelona over a century ago, in 1917.

Thanks to our team’s experience, creativity, and innovation, we create and manufacture high-quality textile products using our patented SeamlessTEX technology, which eliminates the need for traditional sewing. This revolutionary manufacturing process has enabled us to market our products all over the world.

Building on this innovative technology and other advanced accomplishments in finishing, we launched our brands Roll Drap in 1995 and My Drap in 2010.

This new approach has enabled us to diversify our customers and sales channels, leveraging value in each stage of the sales chain to reinvest profits into developing new ideas and expanding our product portfolio by acquiring Athos and to maintainTEXIA FINISHING, our finishing and printing division.

Today, our products are used by leading restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and caterers worldwide, and can be found at luxury boutiques around the world. We export 80% of our production from our factory in Monistrol de Montserrat, with our subsidiary in Canada supplying My Drap products to the North American market.

Drawing from our five foundational principles – quality, experience, creativity and innovation, agility, and sustainability – at TEXIA, we enthusiastically embrace the responsibility of contributing to making the textile sector more sustainable.
Revolutionizing our business to a vertical corporation enabled significant control over our supply chain and sales channels and has allowed us to coherently apply the values we wish to convey to the end consumer and society.

We’re proudly a part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a global initiative that promotes sustainable practices in cotton farming. Additionnally,
part of our My Drap products are biodegradable and compostable, all while maintaining our high quality standards, backed up by our many certifications (GRS, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, etc.). Furthermore, to guarantee our mission, we ensure sustainable management of our textile waste and upcycle thread and cotton to give our My Drap products a second lease of life.


As part of our business growth strategy, TEXIA has acquired Athos Fabrics, a company based in Alcoy with over 30 years of experience manufacturing and producing high-end table linen for fine dining.

This acquisition strengthens our market position, diversifies our offerings, and allows us to expand into new segments and markets.

Athos presents value to our group in its efficient, specialized, and exclusive service, as well as the supreme quality of its made-to-measure textile products, adding a touch of personality to our clients’ culinary offerings.

Because we understand that just as much care needs to be given to a restaurant’s table linen as to the food it serves.

At Athos, we manufacture and assemble all our products in Alcoy, a town with a long textile tradition, using artisan methods.

Patient and passionate about their craft, our highly skilled professionals take great care of every stitch and detail, hand-cutting each of the fabrics.

Their creativity and skill, coupled with top-quality fabrics, guarantee that all our textile pieces have a unique, impeccable finish.

Our values

We commit to our clients to provide an effective, specialized, and exclusive service, with a close and responsible relationship. Adapting to the specific needs and uniqueness of their projects.

Dedication to service

Every product is manufactured and finished exclusively so that no two products are quite the same. Having a bespoke product gives character to a space, and to those who use it.

We adapt our products to the requirements of diverse sectors such as restaurants, catering and industrial laundry.

Bespoke personalisation

Thanks to our 30 years of expertise in the manufacture and production of personalised table linen for high-end dining, we know catering professionals demand products that do their culinary offerings justice.

That’s why we select the most exclusive and appealing fabrics, resistant and durable, that can withstand high temperatures and laundry products without their quality being compromised.

Premium textile products

We manufacture and assemble all our products in Alcoy, a town with a long textile tradition, using artisan methods.

With premium fabrics and highly skilled professionals, we pay close attention to every detail of our products to guarantee a flawless finish.

Made in spain


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